Feature Films

The following films are not posted on IMDB just yet, they are currently in post production.

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Monuments, 2018

Assistant hair and makeup

Plot: Ted goes on a cross-country journey in a stolen pick-up truck, determined to scatter his wife Laura's ashes at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Director & Writer: Jack C. Newell

Stars: Marguerite MoreauJoel MurrayDavid Pasquesi, Rebecca Brown, David Sullivan, Javier Munoz


Good Genes, 2018

Key Hair and Makeup Artist

Director: Hannah Welever

Written by Micheal Fry and Tribble

Plot: Good Genes is a slightly campy, interseXional, sci-fi comedy with a largely LGBTQIA cast. What if Dr.Who were a drug addicted black physics professor abducted by aliens two decades ago? And what if he came back to save his only biological offspring, a black butch lesbian fashion designer with serious daddy abandonment issues? And what if, an Afro-Futuristic race of aliens followed him here, to earth, looking for Tayla because her DNA is actually. like her fathers...alien hybrid. In short, they want her because she has her father's 'Good Genes'.


Swipe up, Vivian 2018

Key Hair and Makeup Artist

Director: Hannah Welever

Written by Addison Heimann

Plot: Swipe Up, Vivian is a dark comedy set in futuristic America. Vivian, an Agoraphobe, is encouraged by her sister to join a new dating app. When she stumbles upon a loud-mouthed katrina, viv finds herself more relaxed in a world of chaos.